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Ultimate dream hotel for Game Of Thrones fans


Almost 200km north of the Arctic Circle lies a village like no other. It’s made completely of ice and snow. Walls, ceilings, statues, beds, desks, chairs… Even the drinking glasses are ice. The place is called SnowVillage.

 A new village is built every year and each time it has a different theme. This year it’s based on one of the most popular tv-series of all time: HBO’s Game of Thrones.

The best ice sculptors in the world have created dozens of unique statues, wall murals and furniture that all visitors can admire. All the beloved characters are there, sculpted out of ice and snow in one form or another. There’s plenty to see even if you only visit during the day but to get an experience you can tell even to your grandchildren about, there’s an option to stay in an actual snow hotel.

 Even if it’s -35°C outside, the temperature indoors is constant -4°C. The hotel provides warm sleeping bags so that the guests can rest peacefully under the watching eye of the White Walkers. Or if they’re brave, they can really feel how the winter is coming in the Night Kings´s room. Each room is decorated differently.

 Besides the hotel, the village also includes a bar, a restaurant and even a movie theatre. In this hotel you can really feel a chill run down your spine!

SnowVillage is open at least until the end of March. Longer, if the weather is cold enough. So you still have some time enough to visit the place before the 8th season of Game Of Thrones starts in 14th of April.



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