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Brillet sells designer eyeglasses frames exclusively in Rovaniemi – A slightly better optician store also cares for looks

Brillet is a high quality optician store in Rovaniemi

While large international optometrist businesses compete to have the best prices and value, a local optician store can concentrate on quality and excellent service. This was one of many reasons why Pasi and Taina Hiukka, who had been working in the business for the better part of two decades, decided to start up their own company five years ago.

“We were fed up with the fact that we weren’t able to serve our clients as well as either we nor our clients would have liked to. For that reason we established Brillet, a private and local optician store which would represent designer frames and lenses”, says Pasi Hiukka.

Brillet was established five years ago and is known in Rovaniemi exactly for what it set out to do, which is the desire for quality. With exclusivity, the store represents internationally known brands such as Andy Wolf, Alain Mikli, Bellinger and Frost. Their lenses are provided by the largest company in the business, Essilor from France.

Throughout its early years, Brillet has brought in a wave of colour and modern shapes into northern Finland, as hundreds of people have found an extra something for their faces in the way of colourful and stylish glasses.

“Our idea is to serve clients as personalities. When choosing the right frames, we can start by doing an analysis on the client’s preferred colours. After that we select the right frame based on the use case and the clients personality. You have a lot of influence over how you look and want to look, just by choosing the right frames.”, says colour specialist and Brillet’s second optometrist Taina Haukka.

Brillet’s idea of quality also translates into their other eye related services. Their business also provides eye doctor services and examinations related to general eyesight, health and dryness.

For more info, visit: www.brillet.fi

Watch our video about the importance of selecting the right frames for you. (Eng. substitles)




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