Traditional Finnish Christmas foods can be savored at home or in a restaurant


Traditionally Finnish families tend to prepare all Christmas foods at home. But one is also allowed to slip from such traditions.

Christmas ham, different casseroles, rosolli salad, salmon, mulled wine and ginger bread cookies. That is a short description of the Christmas table of Jouko Rajanen, a professional chef and an entrepreneur of ChocoDeli chocolate boutique located in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. If we continue filling the table with turkey, plum custard, plum tarts, gravlax and lutefisk, we have a very traditional Finnish Christmas table set.

– I admit that my family spends a fully commercial Christmas. There is no time to do anything at home and that’s why we purchase all our Christmas foods from a local company called Lapin Krassi. The only absolute demand is the Christmas ham, which I prepare by myself. And of course tons of chocolate will also be consumed, Rajanen admits and gives a laugh.

Traditionally Finnish families tend to prepare all Christmas foods at home. But one is also allowed to slip from such traditions. Thus, many families today find their way to the local restaurants, where the Christmas tables bend and shake under the weight of a variety of Christmas foods. But very few would guess that many foods served at the restaurants actually come from a Lapland-based food industry called Lapin Krassi.

– Here we prepare at least 600 different food articles including a comprehensive selection of Christmas foods. From us one gets all the traditional Christmas casseroles, sauces, potato and vegetable side dishes and also some more foreign items such as blinis, Rajanen says.

Christmas table has been set

Happiness, colors, flexible service and genuine products from very near. That is a good summary of Lapin Krassi, a company, which should be the best friend of all local restaurants, private sector operators and retailers at Christmas time. The professional chefs aim to make Christmas cooking as easy as possible for all by preparing the Christmas foods from local, high-quality ingredients.

Lapin Krassi, located at the heart of Lapland in the city of Rovaniemi, is a company that values locality and domesticity above all. Although there is a lot of hustle and fuss all year round, it is indeed the Christmas season, when the chefs run around the kitchen hands in flour and foreheads sweating literally 24/7.

– Well, the Christmas season is but the best, also the worst time of the year. I myself work from morning till late night in both, Lapin Krassi and ChocoDeli. For both companies Christmas is the highlight of the year, Rajanen sums up.

ChocoDeli has worked in conjunction with Lapin Krassi for many years. This seamless cooperation stems from shared values and traditions, not least when it comes to the busy Christmas season. And what could be more important than good food at Christmas time? Oh well, of course there’s one thing:

– For me the most important thing is to spend the day-offs, meaning the Christmas Eve and the Christmas Day with my family and loved ones, eating good food and spending time together, Rajanen states.



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