Experience Lappish traditions with the locals


    Beautiful Narkaus is located around 35 km southern, between Rovaniemi and Ranua. You could think that Narkaus is a little village in the middle of nowhere, but it is so much more!

    In Narkaus, you can experience the Lappish traditions with locals in the beautiful Lappish nature. We went there to visit and felt the whole experience. We started our day by going to a traditional Finnish Laavu in the top a fell, with a sleigh pulled by a snowmobile. The adventure began at the moment we sat down in the sleigh.

    When we arrived to laavu, we had the opportunity to grill some sausages, which Finnish people call makkara, and roast some marshmallows. This experience you can have it anywhere in Finland, but what makes it unique is the view to Narkausjärvi (lake of Narkaus).

    Staring at the fire and enjoying hot steaming tea from a wooden cup, which Finnish people call kuksa, it is part of the feeling of being a true Lappish person for one day. After this, we headed to Siika-Kämä where we were able to walk on the frozen lake and try our luck with ice fishing.

    It was amazing the feeling of walking on a frozen lake because you cannot do it in the southern part of Europe. Besides, it was our first time fishing and we were really lucky. We got 5 fish each one! I really recommend trying this once you visit Finland. You will not be disappointed!

    The peace of Finnish nature combined with the silent of the frozen lake, it makes you feel quiet and relax. All your worries will be gone during this peaceful moment.

    Doing ice fishing with locals, it makes it more magical and unique. They help you from the beginning until the end, and they will find you the best spots to be lucky with the fishing. They know the place better than anyone else.

    After ice fishing, we went to our final destination: kylätalo (social center of Narkaus). In kylätalo, you can be integrated with Finnish people from the village and there, you will be able to learn some Finnish traditions as knitting your own carpet, working with leather to create your own shoes or your own knife holder, learning from the wisest how to make lace crochet… and the last but not the least, taste some Finnish oven baked pancakes. It is a great place to visit if you want to learn from the best.

    Narkaus is a place worthy to visit. You will have a great day experience there to feel a bit more Lappish/Finnish and understand their culture.

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    Authors: Maiju Lindström and Irene Muñoz Martin



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