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Arctic Emotions provides experiences in nature – staring at the fire in the middle of the forest


Arctic Emotions is a company from Tervola concentrating on providing natural welfare.

When you stare at an open fire in a wilderness, far away from concrete roads and neon signs, something magical happens. You can stare at the fire longer without a break than watching your favourite movie – and no words are needed. Our genetics include something that makes us interested in wild fire, and it’s not a surprise given that we have been staring at fires for already 300 000 years.


The modern world moves at such a rapid pace that there is no longer time for staring at the fire or even spending time in nature. Looking at the current curling-generation, whose growth platforms have been wiped smooth and clean of everything, one wonders if we have forgotten all about our relationship with nature. As if the last 30 years of digitalisation had wiped away 299 970 years in the history of our species when nature was still important to us.

Experiences in nature a privilege of a few

Luckily there is some hope left – there are a lot of people who wish to spend time in nature, forest and wild deserts. It is somewhat corny that what has been a normal everyday experience for hundreds of years has become some sort of extreme sports. Experiences in nature have become a privilege of a few people and guided natural experiences are more and more something that people are willing to pay for – quite understandably.

The beautiful and untouched Lappish nature and the world’s cleanest air create great surroundings for enjoying natural welfare. It is an amazing feeling to wake up in fresh autumn air on top of a Lappish mountain in a hanging bed, or walk in clean, safe and untouched forest hour after hour without hearing anyone talk or spotting any cars driving by.

Although nature is present for us northern people all the time, we do not have the same relationship with it as our ancestors did. Also, we go to forest, lake or swamp to do something. To fish, to pick berries or to walk natural paths to a cabin or just do some exercise.

Company selling passitivities

Arctic Emotions is a company from Tervola concentrating on providing natural welfare. In the autumn we went with them on a guided tour called Forest Story. The founders of the company Elina and Pauliina toured with us in the Loue village of Tervola municipality in an area called Kätkävaara, aiming to make us experience the nature and forest as they are. We were not going anywhere, there was no rush whatsoever, we were just sensing and exploring the things we found in nature.

Opening one’s senses in safe Lapland is extreme and amazing also for us Lappish inhabitants. Everything needs to be so active nowadays that it is great that we have a Lappish company selling passitivities instead of activities. All their products are nature-related, relaxed excursions for small groups, where the most important thing is to be present in this moment with senses wide open, forgetting the modern world hassles.

Whether you are Finnish or from further away, experiencing the diverse Lappish nature is worth putting on your to do -list. Everyone is free to do it on their own, but one must admit that having a guided experience makes it somehow deeper, and makes you reconsider your relationship with nature – as well as with yourself.

Our video about Arctic Emotions



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