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Italian artist brings his art to Rovaniemi – looking for a new studio


With his current studio getting demolished later this year, Enrico Mazzone is looking for a new place to continue his work at in Rovaniemi.

On the 23rd of January, a five-meter-long sketch was brought in and put up on a wall in the Rovaniemi City Library. The detailed sketch portrays a section of the Turinese artist, Enrico Mazzone’s dream project. KalevAlighieri, even when still underway, is the artist’s biggest and proudest art piece so far. Once finished it’ll stand tall, and wide, with it’s grand width of 97 meters and a modest height of 4 meters.Rovaniemi seems like an ideal new home city for him, as long as he is able to find a new studio where to continue his work.

KalevAlighieri depicts Mazzone’s interpretation of two great works of literature from two different countries, the Finnish national epic Kalevala and Dante’s Divine Comedy. The piece started off with Mazzone gathering some thoughts and memories from his past in written form. He also had some old sketches that he wanted to re-use. Based on this written and drawn material he created the first raw sketches and following his intuition in the process the piece truly started to come together.

In his work Mazzone compares Kalevala and the Divine Comedy.

– I´m trying to observe their resemblances in order to create similar parts to the art piece where the themes go hand in hand. This harmonious story is then turned into drawings by interpretation using the stippling technique which is drawing by using small dots, Mazzone explains.

The process has taken Mazzone a couple of years and he has reached 36 meters so far. Already larger than any of his previous works, he still has a way to go before reaching his personal goal of finishing the piece for 2021. He has held on to a positive mindset and a fairly optimistic view of his work even though it hasn’t exactly been easy all the time. Difficult times and trials also from the outside have taken their toll on him in the past. Now he’s facing another challenge when the bus station his studio resides in will be demolished later this year.

Having to look for a new place also brings many new possibilities as inspiration and ideas can be found anywhere. The Lappish nature has already had an effect on the artist and even here he has been able to see and find comparisons with the Divine Comedy and the surroundings. Rovaniemi seems like an ideal new home city for him, as long as he is able to find a new studio where to continue his work.

His work can be seen in several different cities in Finland in the coming months. Laitila, Lammi and the newly acquired spot in Inari are some of the locations that will host his exhibitions.

Check out our video interview about Enrico Mazzone.

Enrico Mazzone | KalevAlighieri | Small dots technique | Rovaniemi – Finland

Enrico Mazzone's large sketch of his bigger art piece KalevAlighieri was exhibited in the Rovaniemi library. In this video Mazzone tells about his work and how it came to be. The artist is looking for a new studio to continue his art work in Rovaniemi.

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