Scents of spring in the snouts


    The bear girls went into hibernation towards the end of October, Malla on the 16th and Jemma on the 26th. The diet was changed to a more natural direction, which allowed the bears to decide for themselves when to reduce the amount of food they consumed before going into hibernation. Once a week the caretakers checked up on them to make sure their wintery rest was going well. The check up was always done in the dark in order to not disturb the bears. When they started to show signs of waking up, the first spring meal was brought to the nest. It consisted of pears, grapes and bread. Gradually, the amount of nutrition is increased and its nutritional contents. This is to ensure the bear’s body’s proper recovery after the winter sleep.

    Malla and Jemma are weighed after the winter to see how much weight they have lost during the hibernation. Their general condition is also examined to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. Normally 25% of their weight is lost during the winter season. On this beautiful, sunny spring day the bear girls woke up and started playing in the clean white snow and they visibly enjoyed themselves after their long winter rest.

    Go and check out the adorable video teddies taking their first steps in the snow for this spring:

    Scents of spring in the snouts

    Ranua Zoossa, ruskeakarhut Malla ja Jemma ovat heränneet viiden kuukauden mittaisilta talviuniltaan. Seuraa karhukaksikon pitkään odotettua kevätpäivän ilakointia sekä ensimmäistä ruokailuhetkeä. Karhujen luolasta ulostulo, jos jokin, on varma kevään merkki. 🙂

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