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TOP 15 things you don´t want to miss in Rovaniemi


Rovaniemi is an unparalleled city vacation destination – in the capital of Lapland the friends of tasty food and drinks, active nightlife, fashion, design, sweet dreams and shopping get spoiled!

Rova is a loanword from the Northern Sami word roavvi, meaning a wooded esker, which is a type of long ridge or hill created by the glacier, or the site of an old forest fire. When the word járga is added to roavvi we get roavvenjarga i.e. Rovaniemi. Niemi is Finnish for cape, therefore Rova + niemi could be understood as a cape with a tree-covered ridge. Hence the city of Rovaniemi that has also been named as the home city of Santa Claus, represents some kind of close-to-nature city concentration that is bordered by the shores of the rivers Kemi and Ounas, and surrounded by woods and ridges.

At least half of that is true. Many a traveler comes to Rovaniemi for the mesmerizing nature and the year-round activities done in it, e.g. skiing, snowmobiling, reindeer sleighing, ice swimming and fishing, Northern Lights safaris, snow shoeing etc. For the same reason many travelers go past the center of Santa’s home city without a second thought or even a look around. That is probably not the most recommendable thing to do here.

How so? The answer is: because the glow, charm and excitement of Santa’s hometown that can be found at the Arctic Circle, can also be seen in the city center and its surroundings’ townscape, atmosphere and servicescape. Rovaniemi is the second most-populated city in Northern Finland and both Finland’s and Europe’s largest city by land. By size is it a rather compact city which means all services and close-by locations truly are close and present, reachable on foot or with the public transportation.

It is clear that Rovaniemi is mainly known as a nature and winter destination, but what if we raised the curtain outside the most popular seasons and locations to visit just a little bit? What could we find somewhere else, in a different way and during a different season? What if we left the skis, oars and snow shoes behind for a moment and checked out what the Rovaniemi center has to offer for the travelers? Briefly said: the selection is plentiful and all-inclusive. For those who would like to hear a slightly longer briefing: here we have a sampling of the best parts in the city!

Top 15 locations within the Rovaniemi:

1. Avain Suutari
2. Brillet
3. Classic American Diner
4. Crystal Arctic Suites
5. Laukkutalo 6. Likiliike
7. Royclub / Roippari, Oluthuone
8. Paapero
9. Pentik
10. Sinun Onni
11. The Station Restaurant of Rovaniemi
12. Tailor Shop Edvard
13. Torikeidas Grill
14. Vintikki
15. Vivido

1. Avain Suutari

The one and only correct place to visit when something breaks, tears or shatters!

Situated in the center of Rovaniemi, this shoemaker company of sustainable development offers their services for all those who need any kind of repairing for their shoes, bags, backpacks, suitcases, clothing, overalls or any other clothing or accessories. Each product is handled individually and a repair plan is made for them. The company’s business plan is simple: to fix broken things. The entrepreneur Kimmo Kiviniemi promises personal and professional service, guaranteed quality, competitive pricing and efficient work with care for all his customers.

– Our shop is a traditional brick and mortar, which means that we do not work with the usual hypermarket assembly line principle. At our shop you can sit down and relax, watch the work get done and chat with the staff while you wait, Kiviniemi explains.

Avainsuutari is a professional repair shop but the job could be done by oneself as well. You can find both tools and pieces for various repair cases from the shop’s supply. When it comes to keys, the company can make keys for example for the customer’s home while the customer waits on the spot.

– Our services aim to lengthen the usage time of products so they’d stay usable and working for a longer time, which also represents circular economy and sustainable development, says Kiviniemi.

Address: Koskikatu 28, Rovaniemi

Aukioloajat: Ma-to 8-18, pe 8-17, la-su suljettu.

Where to find them:
Website https://avainsuutari.com/
FB https://fi-fi.facebook.com/pages/category/Shoe-Repair-Shop/Rovaniemen-Avain-Suutari-1662636000618088/

2. Brillet – A slighty better optician shop

Sight is the most important of all senses and glasses are a base of good eye sight and looks. This is clear to the entrepreneurs Pasi and Taina Hiukka who run the optician shop Brillet since 2013 in the city center. They know glasses are much more than just “good sight”: they are a part of your personality.

The investment in finding the right glasses and in the eye health of each customer is outstanding in the company, and it is no surprise it has gained reputation as a “slightly better optician shop” over the past years. The customer’s benefit and interest come before anything else and they do not take slightly the quality of their services.

– We tend to our customers professionally and compassionately. We are part of likiliike, which is a group of companies that offer authentic and local products and services. Everything we do is based on the values of friendliness and taking care of individuals, ethicalness, expertise and locality, Pasi Hiukka explains.

Their promise of quality products can be seen in their selection of exceptionally unique and varied supply. Brillet imports frames that stand out, are distinctive and of high quality from the best manufacturers in Europe. Reading glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses etc can be tailored and made to look like you want.

Under the same roof you can find appointments for optometrists and oculists. Brillet has equipment for thorough examination which can be used to get exact data quickly about the customer’s eye health and the condition of their eye sight. The equipment consists of devices for field of view and dry eye examinations and a camera to check the fundus of an eye.

– One of our main ideas is eye examination. For us, it is very important to examine and tend to a customer with proper care and expertise and help them with everything from sight exams to choosing the best frames for them, says Pasi.

When Taina and Pasi founded Brillet approximately six years ago their friends wondered whether this would become a slightly better optician shop. The question stuck to them and so their slogan was born. Now it is not a question anymore but a statement, or the truth, actually. If an answer is needed, the regular clientele knows the best: it sure did!

Address: Koskikatu 22, Rovaniemi.

Opening hours: Arkisin 9-18, la 10–15, other times with a booking. (summer saturdays shop is closed)

Where to find them:
Website https://brillet.fi/
FB https://www.facebook.com/BrilletOptikko/
IG https://www.instagram.com/brilletoptikko/?hl=fi

3. Classic American Diner

The tenth and northernmost Classic American Diner restaurant was opened in Rovaniemi in December 2017. The restaurant chain is distinguished from others by their full dishes, massive burgers, joyful service and the detailed mimicking of the 50s’ style. It has attracted great interest of the youth, families with children, friend groups and work teams throughout the country, also in the capital of Lapland.

The changing burger lunch menus, burgers made from fresh ingredients, filling salad dishes, homemade milkshakes and traditional American style pancakes appeal to both locals and travelers alike. Additionally, the company has customized a special reindeer burger after the Lappish spirit. This place has come to stay, for real!

– The restaurant in Rovaniemi is of unique quality. The customer service is distinctive and the menu is full of American styled ala carte dishes, the restaurant manager Elina Heikka describes.3

The cozy bricks and mortar for the Classic American Diner was offered by Sampokeskus, located in the heart of Rovaniemi next to Lordi’s Square. Now the customers get to enjoy both their neat shopping time in the very popular shopping mall filled with international and national brands, and a satisfying lunch in the famous American styled restaurant.

– Our slogan says it all: Best burgers in town! Says Heikka.

The Classic American Diner in Rovaniemi has a total seating capacity of 110 customers and they offer food from morning till late in the evening every day. In addition to Rovaniemi, American Diners can also be found in Lielahti in Tampere, close to the city center in Finlayson and Koskikeskus, inside the Forum mall in Jyväskylä, in Seinäjoki, Vantaa and Helsinki.

Address: Shopping mall Sampokeskus, Maakuntakatu 29-31 A

Opening hours: Mon – Thu 10.30-21, Fri 10.30-23, Sat 11-23, Sun 12-20

Where to find them:
Website https://www.ravintola.fi/en/ravintola/classic-american-diner-rovaniemi/
FB https://www.facebook.com/classicamericandiner/
IG https://www.instagram.com/classicamericandiners/

4. Crystal Arctic Suites

How would it sound like to stay overnight like a celebrity and enjoy a world-class service with regal breakfasts, room service and a private sauna? It’s not just wishful thinking: at the unique hotel Crystal Arctic Suites in Rovaniemi you can actually do it!

The hotel has a total amount of 15 cozy suites and six unique rooms, each different from the others. All rooms have been uniquely furnished giving room for imagination: the Scandinavian furnishings give the rooms an exciting and mysterious twist that create an arctic charm. Customer feedback shows that especially couples have enjoyed their stay at the hotel!

Crystal Arctic Suites has given their customers a promise: here you can relax and enjoy freely. The hotel guarantees a one-of-a-kind, safe and friendly accommodation experience that is formed within a carefully planned service. All services have been planned by truly listening to the customers’ desires and needs.

And what’s best: the location couldn’t be more central. These beautiful “arctic crystal suites” are located in the city center of Rovaniemi, only 200 meters from the Korundi House of Culture, a kilometer from the science center Arktikum, eight kilometers from Santa Claus Holiday Village and ten kilometes from the airport. The bus and train stations are close as well. And in the city center if anywhere, everything is within a walking distance. This a fact: finding a better located hotel is not that easy!

Address: Pohjolankatu 15, Rovaniemi

Where to find them:
Website https://crystalarcticsuites.fi/

5. Laukkutalo

Did you buy a few things too many? Are your bags and backpacks so full and bulging you fear for the zippers and seams? Maybe they already broke? It happens sometimes. Especially if you find yourself downtown Rovaniemi, or just in Sampokeskus, in which the shopping possibilities are rather tempting. No need to worry, help can be found nearby!

In the very center of Rovaniemi on the ground floor in Sampokeskus there is a shop called Laukkutalo, which translates to “the House of Bags”. It has served customers with skill and care for nearly a decade. Like its name says, we’re talking about a shop that sells bags.

A more careful peek behind the scenes reveals the true extent of the supply and their quality-price ratio: without a doubt, one could find all possible accessories for carrying things in the shop, e.g. suitcases, carry-ons, backpacks, satchels, wallets and even gloves. The quality-price guarantee is as great as the variety of their selection: the products come from big, top-quality international and national brands alike.

– Our most important product category is suitcases. In our opinion, it is far smarter to buy one quality suitcase that lasts for years instead of buying a new suitcase of lesser quality for each trip. A suitcase or a bag is an investment that will pay itself off, Parviainen explains.

For many a traveler, shopping is the number one activity to do when they travel. At Laukkutalo they are aware of this: the shop is located in the very core of the city center, which ensures that not a single shopping second is wasted. Deals are made effectively, fast and with expertise, without forgetting a happy and relaxed personal service.

– It is very easy to both find us and to come to the shop. This is a place I dreamed of when I moved to Rovaniemi and decided to become an entrepreneur nine years ago, says Parviainen.

Address: Koskikatu 27, Rovaniemi (Sampokeskus)

Opening hours: Ma-pe 10–19, la 10–17, su 12–16.

Where to find them:
Website http://www.laukkutalo.fi/
FB https://www.facebook.com/Laukkutalo-Rovaniemi-310690338946214/

6. Likiliike

Have you seen this kind of logo before: a purple circle with white reindeer antlers and Rovaniemi’s landmark, the Lumberjack’s Candle bridge inside it? If you have then you most likely have stood in front of a company that is part of the Likiliike concept. It could have been a hotel, a restaurant, a café, a furnishings shop, a bakery, a car repair shop, a grocery store or maybe the world’s northernmost chocolate shop. You might have run into this situation in the city center area in Rovaniemi or even outside of it: downtown there are about 70 different Likiliike companies and in the entire city there’s over 200 of them. But what is this Likiliike about, exactly?

– Likiliike is a local brand from Rovaniemi, a network of entrepreneurs with the goal of increasing the traveler’s responsibility and to reach those interested in it. Through Likiliike we take care of the local cultural inheritance and support real family businesses together, says the head of Likiliike, Marika Tiikkaja.

It is an important thing for one reason especially: the persistence of the livelihood and local services must be ensured in this sparsely inhabited northern area. By utilizing services provided by the Likiliike companies and by supporting the local businesses the travelers will most certainly receive service from local makers.

According to Tiikkaja, one has to look from afar in order to try to find a comparable or similar network of companies that is as communal and cooperative as this one. In other words, there is no other network like this one anywhere else in Finland. The entrepreneurs of Rovaniemi are true pioneers in this field: they put their heads together to keep the capital of Lapland lively and healthy. And so Likiliike that is also known for its purple circle logo, was born.

But there’s more: in addition to the authentic local service experience, the traveler can get unique gifts and memories made in Rovaniemi to bring home with them from the Likiliike companies. Likiliike has launched its own line of products called Liki-Tuote and the products of which have a strict and unconditional criterion: at least a 60% of the materials, origin and production of the products must be from and done in Rovaniemi.

– At the moment there are nine certified Liki-Tuote products existing, including reindeer meat, chocolate, coffee, jewels, reindeer skin products and a picture decoration. The products can be found in the Visit Rovaniemi shop in the city center among other places, says Tiikkaja.

More information: http://www.likiliike.fi
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Likiliike/

7. Royclub / Roippari & Oluthuone

Mistä on kaupungin parhaat bileet tehty? Tuskinpa ainakaan kanelista, sokerista tai kardemummasta. Vuodesta 1985 saakka rovaniemeläisiin tanssijalkoihin vipinää pistäneen Royclubin, eli tutummin Roipparin ammattilaiset ovat ymmärtäneet tärkeimmän: parhaan bilepaikan asemaa ei tyhjästä nyhjäistä. Rouheat bileet vaativat vähintään yhtä rouheat raaka-aineet. Eli millaiset?

Learn from Roippari, the place that offers people a fine living room for weekdays, celebrations, weekend parties, private events etc. Open every single day of the year, the club brings people together to hang out or sing karaoke, for example. Well, that’s the upstairs. Downstairs is a whole different story…

Downstairs is the place you go to when restlessness hits your feet. There it will be treated by the club’s own DJ with the newest, freshest hits and whichever songs the customers ask for. The final touches to the best parties give the positive staff with their party mood, shiny smiles and that special twinkle in their eyes. At Royclub they know positivity does not kill the work efficiency – on the contrary.

Customers are dealt with the same great approach and attitude by the professionals at Oluthuone a stone’s throw away from Roippari. The bar is good for many things: during the day it serves as a more traditional café but towards the night the mood changes and the place gets a lot livelier. Oluthuone has been in Rovaniemi since 1995 and it is a place where people go to sit down, watch matches from the screens, play pool, dance and get to know people and enjoy the noteworthy selection of drinks.

PS. Oluthuoneella myös tapahtuu! Keskeinen sijainti kävelykadun varrella aiheuttaa sen, että muun muassa toukokuisten kalamarkkinoiden, kesäkuisten Rovakadun markkinoiden sekä elokuisten elonkorjuumarkkinoiden kävijät ottavat Oluthuoneen ja sen kesäterassin omaksi olohuoneekseen.

Royclub / Roippari: Maakuntakatu 24, Rovaniemi

Oluthuone: Koskikatu 20, Rovaniemi

Royclub / Roippari: Every day 22 – 4.30.
The club downstairs: Sun-Tue 00 – 4.30, Wed-Sat 23 – 4.30

Oluthuone: Mon-Thu 11 – 02, Fri-Sat 10 – 13, Sun 12 – 02

Where to find them:
Royclub: Website http://www.royclub.fi/
FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/Roy-Club/211059775590784 Oluthuone: Website http://www.rovaniemenoluthuone.fi/
FB https://www.facebook.com/rovaniemenoluthuone/

8. Paapero – Clothing for children from Lapland

The passion for colors, design and materials gave Päivi Vallen the original push to found her Lappish brand Paapero that specializes in clothing for children, in 1990. The colorful and nature themed clothing stand out with their Lappishness, child-friendliness and unique designs. The characteristic soft appearance comes from the hand-painted designs from the Lappish artist. On the clothing one can find playful and fairytalish animal characters in their adventures. The designs portray many things e.g. a bear climbing a tree, young birds learning how to fly, a reindeer herd on the fells or a salmon jumping up the rapids.

– With the experience of 30 years and the feedback from the customers, we have made our products children-friendly. During the planning phase we always try to think from the child’s perspective. The best feedback is the joy of a child and the stories from parents that say our product became their child’s favorite piece of clothing and that they want to put it on right after it’s been washed.

The company values of Paapero include taking into account and appreciating the child, Finnish work and the wellbeing of home. Ensuring the actualization of the values is done by a team of professionals who are also in charge of the full production: everything between designing a product to its manufacture and selling and marketing. The high on the domestic production scale clothing are made from materials with the ÖköTex certificate that ensures the material’s safety and quality.

One of the most important materials used is organic GOTS certified cotton which can be seen as a contribution to a more environmentally friendly production and an attraction of travelers interested in responsible consumption and sustainable development. The products are produced by clothing business graduates in Kemijärvi, from where they come to the stores in Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi.

– Customers can feel the Lappish atmosphere, meet the makers and hear for themselves where the themes for the designs come from in both of our stores, says Valle. Situated on the ground floor in Sampokeskus, Paapero offers a relaxing shopping experience to families and especially to mothers with children. The selection contains colorful new releases of clothing for children of ages from 0 to 9, beanies for all family’s needs and surprisingly beautiful tunics for women as well. A traveler looking for distinctive clothing for women and children is positively surprised when they find the selection Paapero has to offer!

Additional pointer: the company also has an international webstore where one can shop even after returning home. Clothing from Paapero has been sent all the way to Australia and South Africa!

Osoite: Maakuntakatu 29-31A, Rovaniemi (Sampokeskus).

Aukioloajat: Ma-pe 10–19, la 10–17, su 12–16.

Where to find them:
Website https://www.paapero.fi/
FB https://www.facebook.com/www.paapero.fi/
IG https://www.instagram.com/paaperoclothing/?hl=fi

9. Pentik, Rovaniemi

”A breath of Northern beauty” as the slogan of the ceramics and furnishings shop Pentik promises in the shopping mall Sampokeskus. The Northern beauty breathes upon the customers in the form of esthetic experiences that give out a Scandinavian ambiance.

– Pentik finds the beauty from the Northern nature, colorful fall, calm winter, growth of spring and the life of summer. The designers channel these values into their products, explains the store manager Sonja Schutskoff.

Something for everybody can be found from the selection of the Pentik shop: there are fabrics for the modern and traditional tastes, colorful and lively designs and a broad selection of monochromatic products of all kinds. To this day, the ceramic products have remained a steady favorite of the customers.

– Quality is emphasized in our products. The design is original and the tableware are manufactured in the world’s northernmost ceramics factory in Posio. People primarily come looking for something to freshen their interiors with the colors, say Schutskoff.

The well-known Finnish industrial designer Anu Pentik founded Pentik Oy (Ltd) in 1971. The rest is mere history. The company has over 90 shops in Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Czech Republic and its target group consists of everybody interested in interior design and decoration, beautiful things and Finnish design.

The Pentik shop in Rovaniemi has several aces up their sleeves: every season they introduce new and beautiful products, the have a central location and their service is always positive and professional. They also make sure their selection always has plenty of Lapland themed gifts to bring home, everything from silver reindeer to Lappish spices.

– The nicest thing is that each shop has its own physical ensemble and for that just visiting the shops in different cities is an experience as such, says Schutskoff.

Address: Koskikatu 17, 96200 Rovaniemi (Sampokeskus).

Opening hours: ma-pe 10–19, la 10–17, su 12–16.

Where to find them:
FB https://www.facebook.com/PentikOfficial/
IG https://www.instagram.com/pentik_official/?hl=fi

10. Sinun Onni

The core values of the Sinun Onni shop selling clothing for women are crystal clear: it consists of quality products, high-level customer service and respect for the customers individuality.

– For us it means that we always try to find a helpful solution for the customer. At the moment our main values also consist of eco-friendliness and the environmental issues that our customers value as well, and that we try to also inform about to the customers, says Anne Säynäjäkangas.

The goals with their eco-friendliness and responsibility can be seen in their main products especially, meaning their vegan and ethically produced Ragwear Vegan line clothing. The brand is 100% vegan which means no animal products or animal-derived substances were used in the manufacturing. Ragwear does not contain leather, wool, silk, fur or down. The production does not use child labor or animal testing and it has been approved by the international animal rights organization PETA.

– We also have clothing for men in our Ragwear Vegan selection. Other special brands found in our supply are the Finnish Reima and the German Timezone. From Reima we have Reima Tec clothing for children and name brand jeans for women from Timezone, says Säynäjäkangas.

Säynäjäkangas vows in the name of high-class products and personal customer service. According to her there isn’t much competition on such level of expertise in Lapland.

– Each customer is tended to individually and personally by our staff with strong expertise in the field, Säynäjäkangas explains.

Address: The shopping mall Rinteenkulma, lower floor

Opening hours: Ma-ke 10–18, to-pe 10–19, la 10–18, su 12–16.

Where to find them:
FB https://fi-fi.facebook.com/sinunonni.fi/
IG https://www.instagram.com/sinunonnirovaniemi/

11. The Station Restaurant of Rovaniemi

Are you coming or are you going? Are you very hungry or maybe just a little bit? The question is purely rhetorical. The answer is very simple: whether you were coming from a train or waiting for your train, very hungry or just a little bit hungry, you should head to the legendary station restaurant at the Rovaniemi train station. The Station Restaurant or Assa, as it’s known around here, serves delicious last-minute travel meals for the one’s running to the train, energizing breakfast buffets for hungry early birds and delightful ala carte dishes for those with a bit more time.

A glance at the ala carte menu makes even the pickiest mouth water. On the list there’s salmon soup, vegetable rolls, tar marinated salmon in the oven, chicken fritters, Caesar chicken, reindeer sausages, barbecue steaks, sautéed reindeer and pizza for all tastes!

The Station Restaurant of Rovaniemi offers an interesting and especially a historically precious milieu for the customers. The original station building was burnt to the ground by the Germans in the Lapland War and it took nearly a decade before the new station was finally built. At the opening ceremony of the new station the guests said the same thing many customers say even today: “Indeed, the station restaurant of Rovaniemi could very well be the most charming station restaurant in Finland”. Isn’t that reason enough to go pay a visit there?

Address: Ratakatu 3, Rovaniemi

Opening hours: Everday klo 7-21.15.

Breakfast buffet: Every morning from 7 to 10 (8,90€)

Ala carte: Every day from 10.30 to 21

Where to find them:
Website https://assaroi.com/wp/
FB https://fi-fi.facebook.com/pages/category/Restaurant/Rovaniemen-Asemaravintola-1992693424295796/

12. Tailor Shop Edvard

Serving customers since 1962 on the Koskikatu street in Rovaniemi, the Pukimo Edvard shop has been attiring the Lappish masters and mistresses with class for over half a century. Their kind of entrepreneurs are few nowadays, but even when the demand and wearing of finer attires have dropped in the past decades Pukimo Edvard still stands proud and professional on their own. There still is some demand for quality attires and luckily some supply as well!

The founders, Kaarlo Edvard Parpala and Eila Parpala’s son Esko Parpala has been behind the company for over a decade by now. The shop’s expertise has grown so strong during the years that it is difficult to name any worthy competition in Rovaniemi anymore.

– We have over 40 years of experience in the clothing business and for that reason you should get your attires from us, as is written on the company’s webpage.

This claim gets confirmed immediately. Just a glance at the company’s supply is enough to tell the options are plentiful. The selection contains many brands ranging from Wilworst to Turo Tailor, not to mention the high-class and quality brands from European and Finnish manufacturers.

The supply of Pukimo Edvard can be well summarized with a couple of points: the company offers attires of the best quality and made from the best fabrics, tailored suits with precise measuring and fitting and attires for special occasions like weddings, evening parties or business-looks.

Quantity and quality go hand in hand.

– Any kind of proper attire is an investment. The better it is, the longer stays in prime condition and class, says Esko Parpala.

Tuxedos used to be simple by their colors and they were only used after six in the evening. The dress codes have changed, as has the general attitude towards fashion. Maybe the favoring of locality and the trends of sustainable development will also be seen in the tailor shop business in the future.

Maybe in the near future there will be a 50-meter-long line of customers at Pukimo Edvard’s door like in the years in the past? That is desirable. The Parpalas know it as well: clothes make the man. And the better the suit, the longer its life is.

Address: Koskikatu 20, Rovaniemi

Opening hours: Ma-pe 10–17.30, la 10–14, su suljettu.

Where to find them:
Website https://www.pukimoedvard.com/
FB https://www.facebook.com/pukimoedvard/

13. Torikeidas Grill

There’s a rumor going around the city saying there’s a grill next to the Rovaniemi marketplace that serves the best kebabs in Lapland, maybe even the best in all of Finland. This statement cannot be mere hearsay. Even the first Finnish Eurovision winner Lordi has stopped at this grill for a kebab dish with the famous standup comedian Sami Hedberg! It happened in 2017 during the production of the Finnish tv show Grillit Huurussa (Steamy Grills). The kebab sure was fit for a comedian and a monster!

How about yourself? For example this kind of meals: big, small or Lordi kebab with mashed potatoes, rice, salad, potato wedges or French fries and the house dressing, remoulade sauce, tomato, cucumber, onion, grated cabbage and jalapeños. And in case kebab is not your thing there are also mouthwatering sausage-potato dishes, patties and burgers for different tastes. You might as well order a “traditional”. On the list of traditionals there are the torilainens which is a Torikeidas house meat pie, other meat pasties, hot dogs, wieners and French fries.

Torikeidas is just as its name describes it: an oasis at the marketplace (tori is Finnish for a marketplace and keidas means an oasis). And an oasis is typically a location that saves you from a horrible situation in the middle of a desert, for example death by starvation. Instead of a desert, Torikeidas is situated in the middle of constantly changing and sometimes rather difficult conditions, in the home city of Santa Claus. So how about we grab something to eat?

Address: Lapinkävijäntie 3, 96100 Rovaniemi.

Opening hours: ma 10–00, ti 10–01, ke-to 10–02, pe 10–4.30, la 10–4.30, su 11–02.

Where to find them:
Website https://www.torikeidas.fi/
FB https://fi-fi.facebook.com/tori.keidas

14. Vintikki

One can never know what can be found from here! The wares move and change regularly on the 170 tables proving the saying: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is one of the main goals Vintikki has. The company is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

– Our aim is to help consumers and companies to sell new and used goods and also to offer services that a consumer needs in the daily life, says the CEO Seppo Salo.

Vintikki was founded in 2012 with the business idea of enabling the selling of both old and new products and services to consumers and companies alike. Naturally, buying old and new products was included in the same package. This indeed is possible for the flea market: tables can be rented and your own things sold on them, or one can choose the “flea market of the busy person” service. This means that the company takes care of the pricing and selling of the customer’s products instead of the customer themselves.

That’s not all: we’re not talking about a traditional flea market here. Inside the company’s brick and mortar one can also find a pawn shop, selling service for valuables, laundry services, car rentals, conversion of movables and a café known for Rovaniemi’s biggest cinnamon rolls. Fresh coffee and snacks are always on sale there!

– Vintikki is a shop that beats others in quality. To us, quality means the service as well as the products and the customized services for individuals, Salo explains.

Address: Varastotie 2, Rovaniemi.

Opening hours: Ma-pe 10–18, la 10–16, su 12–15.

Where to find them:
Website https://www.vintikki.fi/
FB https://www.facebook.com/Vintikki/
IG https://www.instagram.com/vintikki/

15. Vivido

Vivido is quality valuing clothes shop for women. To be more precise: it is a clothes shop in the city center that specializes in high quality clothing and shoes for women and an expert in the clothing business when it comes to women’s clothing. Their central location means it is easy and quick to find.

As the spring goes on, Vivido is already looking towards the coming summer. The new selections arrive to the shop’s supply, slowly preparing the city for the brighter, more colorful and awake feeling of summer. It’s the positivity, the relaxing nature and freedom of summer, that can be felt in all they do.

– We are here for all women and we help our customers to find fitting and personal ensembles. We also teach women the secrets of dressing up and give advice on style with our expertise and years of experience, says the entrepreneur Maire Isoviita.

The backbone of Vivido consists of quality, service and individuality.

– We tend to each customer according to their personal needs. Both local customers and travelers alike are welcome to our shop, says Isoviita.

Address: Koskikatu 18, 96200 Rovaniemi.

Opening hours: ma-pe 10–18, la 10–16, su suljettu.

Where to find them:
FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Shopping—Retail/VIVIDO-109110619200926/



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