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Follow the 200-year-old Elf to the magical Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle

"Käpy" Elf has made lots of preparations for the Christmas.

”Merry Christmas, my dear friends! We elves think that when one has a lot of fun, one also has less time to be naughty!” rejoices an ever-perky Käpy-elf (Cone-elf) and welcomes her guests to the wonderland of Christmas. The Santa Claus Village glowing with magic and filled with miracles is located at the Arctic Circle in the city of Rovaniemi. This picture-perfect city happens to be but the capital of Finnish Lapland, also the official hometown of Santa Claus. There the Santa welcomes his guests from all corners of the world.

“At the Santa Claus Office the Santa meets his friends and guests from all over the world every single day.”

“At the Santa Claus Office the Santa meets his friends and guests from all over the world every single day. There is plenty to do and see in the Village for a day or even two. And it is no wonder why – here we have Christmas every day!” Käpy laughs and invites the guests to follow her deeper into the magical land.

As young as 200-year-old Käpy-elf has spent most of her life studying in the Elf school at Korvatunturi. If someone, she truly knows the Santa Claus village like the back of her hand. Therefore one should be all ears and listen very carefully as Käpy provides her best tips for the visitors of the Santa Claus Village.

“After visiting Santa one should definitely visit the Santa Claus Post Office. Oh, no! Actually the very first thing one should do is to savor a cup of delicious hot chocolate at Café Santa Claus. Only after that one has enough energy to pay a visit to the Farm of domestic animals run by the Tallitonttu (Stall Elf). There one can even cross the border of the Arctic Circle with forest skies!” Käpy yells and jumps so that her cap falls off.

The overwhelming enthusiasm of Käpy -elf represents her very character, but it also stems from the knowledge that the much waited Christmas lurks right behind the corner. Käpy is having pretty hard time staying patient and waiting for the traditional Christmas day to begin. That day shall start with the rice porridge cooked by Ms. Santa Claus and finish with wooden sauna heated by knee-high sauna elves.

At the Christmas evening the whole elf-family will gather in their home at Korvatunturi. It is a very secret place located somewhere behind roadless roads and beyond pathless paths at the outskirts of Lapland. That is also where Santa Claus returns after his world -tour delivering presents to the children of the world.

“But the next day we are already back at the Santa Claus’ Office welcoming our guests!” Käpy mentions.

All Käpy wants for Christmas this year is super-long and colorful woolen socks. They should be of size 35 or maybe just a little bit more less, much lesser or slightly littler, Käpy reckons. But then she gets so confused in her calculations that she is just about to rush to the Office to collect a calculator and a measure tape.

But Käpy! One more question before you go: Why are you called “Cone”?

“Oh! I inherited this peculiar name from my family, who is very enthusiastic about different kinds of cones, especially the pine cones. We also have this funny autumn-tradition of competing with the squirrels of Korvatunturi about who manages to collect the biggest catch of cones!” Käpy giggles.

And then, suddenly, Käpy is long gone. Only Christmas magic remains in the air.

For more info: https://santaclausoffice.com

Watch our video of nice adventure in the Elf trail at Santa Claus Office.



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