A special Glass Igloo resort launched in Finnish Lapland

— If clouds prevent viewing the Northern Lights, the accommodation can be moved to where the skies are clear
Arctic Sky Lapland

Arctic Sky: Silent, personal and respecting nature

For people crammed into living in tiny apartments in huge cities, just a brief walk in the forest might be an extraordinary experience. Arctic...

Dream of living in exotic Finnish Lapland? Reindeer Farm Toini Sanila is seeking new...

Reindeer Farm Toini Sanila, located in the village of Sevettijärvi in the Municipality of Inari is seeking new ownership

Experience Lappish traditions with the locals

Beautiful Narkaus is located around 35 km southern, between Rovaniemi and Ranua. You could think that Narkaus is a little village in the middle...

TOP 15 things you don´t want to miss in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is an unparalleled city vacation destination – in the capital of Lapland the friends of tasty food and drinks, active nightlife,...

Hotel Ilveslinna’s restaurant pampers travellers with Lappish treats

We want to offer our guests the best possible culinary experience in Ranua On many consecutive days, Spanish travellers...

Hot and cold meet in the Ice Sauna

It is late March in Rovaniemi, Lapland and there’s still snow up to your waist. There is not much sign of the approaching summer...

The annual round-the-world-trip of Santa Claus starts from the navigation room

Käpy (which translates to a cone) is bursting with excitement and pride. She jumps around and giggles as she goes along and introduces the...

Scents of spring in the snouts

The bear girls went into hibernation towards the end of October, Malla on the 16th and Jemma on the 26th. The diet was changed...

New Lappish kota sauna also offers spectacular views

Thousands upon thousands of tourists visit Lapland every year from over 140 different nations. They come to enjoy Arctic exoticism, traditional activities and the...