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Dream of living in exotic Finnish Lapland? Reindeer Farm Toini Sanila is seeking new ownership


Reindeer Farm Toini Sanila, located in the village of Sevettijärvi in the Municipality of Inari is seeking new ownership

Lapland, Finland’s northernmost region, is one of the fastest growing travel destinations in Europe. It’s no wonder – the beauty of the Arctic winter, bright Midnight Sun nights, and the breath-taking, partly untouched nature, are elements that people visiting Lapland never forget. Many have the dream of relocating to this oasis of tranquillity and security. 

If you have been afflicted by this “Lapland Lunacy” and you are thinking how you and your family can get by here in the Arctic, you need to take a look at Reindeer Farm Toini Sanila. This extremely feasible tourism enterprise is one of the hottest on offer and is located on the picturesque shores of Lake Kotajärvi in the village of Sevettijärvi of the Inari municipality. 

Reindeer Farm Toini Sanila is a family business that over the last decades has become renowned for its high-quality services, delicious food, and its versatile range of fair-priced accommodation. The Reindeer Farm milieu includes a main building that houses a fully-licensed restaurant for 50 diners, five different accommodation premises, and two traditional Lappish kota barbecue shelters. The reindeer farm can accommodate up to 62 guests.

Business owner Toini Sanila is selling the reindeer farm, as it is time for her to enter retirement.

– “As I have no heirs, the reindeer farm has to be sold for someone else to manage”, says Toini Sanila.

Reindeer Farm Toini Sanila has been run by the family for decades. At the same time, the owner of the company worked as a teacher in Sevettijärvi School. The company has been kept in excellent condition, even though occasionally there is plenty to do.

“Not only has the reindeer farm provided us with a comfortable standard of living, it has also expanded by introducing new accommodation and just recently constructing a massive traditional Lappish kota building. The next entrepreneur for the reindeer farm will get buildings in excellent condition, the dream kitchen for any chef, and the company’s existing clientèle”, Toini reveals.

The Sevettijärvi-Näätämö area is a fascinating tourist destination, as the Norwegian and Russian borders are nearby. The drive from Kirkkoniemi Airport in Norway takes about an hour, and most travellers travel to the Finnish side of the border, as Norway has very little accommodation to offer in the region.

To date, the guests welcomed by Reindeer Farm Toini Sanila have been mainly Finnish and international fishing enthusiasts and wilderness adventurers – nature lovers. The enterprise holds enormous potential for expansion.

“Here, only the sky is the limit. Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) excursions, snowmobile safaris, cross-country skiing and snowshoe hiking, mountain biking, Christmas themes in picture postcard snowscapes and red king crab safaris are just a few popular trends we have not fully utilised. Marketing these services would undoubtedly lead to rapid increase in visitor numbers for the reindeer farm”, assures Toini.

The new entrepreneur not only needs a motivation for work, but also a passion for renewal, even though the reindeer farm currently operates more than satisfactorily.

“During high seasons, four to five employees is adequate for running the reindeer farm, with fewer needed during off-season times. Nothing needs to be changed, and there are no compulsory large investments even forecasted. Commercial operations can be continued straight away”, Toini adds.

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