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A special Glass Igloo resort launched in Finnish Lapland


— If clouds prevent viewing the Northern Lights, the accommodation can be moved to where the skies are clear

Arctic Finland and its northernmost region, Lapland, is currently one of the world’s hottest travel destinations. Heat and Lapland, however, are rarely associated with one another, as the resort is located close to the Arctic Circle, better known as a cool travel destination with glistening snowscapes.

Lapland is renowned for its reindeer, snowmobile and husky safaris, Santa Claus and his elves, and the Northern Lights, naturally. Many who travel to Lapland dream of a relaxing, visually inspiring surroundings and multisensory enjoyment in the heart of the world’s cleanest nature.

Modern-day travel habits not only focus on once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but also sharing these experiences with others. We all have an in-built desire to be happy and healthy, also in the eyes of others. This is one of the reasons for the enormous popularity of Lapland’s trendiest modern-day accommodation, glass igloos. Images of glass igloos and the Northern Lights have been shared all around the world.

The dream of experiencing the wondrous Northern Lights can easily come true on a trip to Lapland. Despite the Northern Lights being unpredictable natural phenomena, with the help of local specialists in Northern Lights trips, these magnificent lights can be experienced with good probability.

Entrepreneur Tanja Hyväri looks into the future on the Aavasaksa construction site. In December, this location will have a restaurant and ten mobile glass igloo units. 

New generation Northern Lights Resort takes luxury accommodation to where the Northern Lights shine

Chances of seeing the Northern Lights depend on solar activity, magnitude of solar winds and visibility. If it is cloudy or bright, it is more difficult to see the Northern Lights. To better guarantee this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you need to be prepared to move to where the lights are active.

People typically hunt for the Northern Lights using road vehicles and snowmobiles, but today Aurora seekers can choose to quickly mobilise luxury accommodation to precisely the spot where all forecasts indicate the Northern Lights will be most active. This exclusive service is available from Northern Lights Igloo Resort that is introducing the service for the coming winter season. The resort currently has ten four-person glass igloos, each one being mobile.

According to Tanja Hyväri, the company’s CEO, the whole idea for providing mobile Northern Lights accommodation was an outcome of many years of development and based on tourist requirements.

“We have noticed that many who live here sometimes take the Northern Lights for granted, but we have to realise that for many travelling to Lapland, seeing and experiencing the Northern Lights is something that will only happen once in their lifetime. If the weather is cloudy when they arrive, they are ready to pay for their accommodation and all their belongings to be relocated to an area that is forecasted to be less cloudy”, tells Tanja.     

The Northern Lights Igloo Resort’s mobile igloos have a floor space of 21 square metres (226 sq. ft) and include a bedroom, kitchen, fireplace, and a sauna, of course. This spacious accommodation does not remobilise itself however.

“We have an incredibly efficient platform truck specially made for Arctic conditions and hauling huge loads. We can take the accommodation to any destination in Lapland, wherever our partners are located. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly park the glass igloo accommodation anywhere you want”, Tanja adds.

The Northern Lights Igloo Resort, including restaurant and reception building, is currently under construction close to the Aavasaksa Ski Resort in the Lapland municipality of Ylitornio. The default location for the glass igloo houses is in the Northern Lights Igloo Resort, a location that has outstanding settings and possibilities for viewing the Northern Lights. 

In addition to the Aurora Borealis, the company also organises all of Lapland’s most popular activity programmes, such as reindeer farm and husky kennel visits, meeting the real Santa Claus, snowmobile riding and ice fishing safaris. Presales for overnight stays and activity programmes at the Northern Lights Igloo Resort have just been launched on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site. 

The glass igloo luxury accommodation units made at the Salvos plant look spectacular with the panoramic windows. Officially registered as a recreational vehicle for use in traffic, these igloos can be sent in search of the Northern Lights, even if the distances are large. Summertime and the never-setting Midnight Sun could even see the glass igloos taken to the shores of the Tornionjoki River, one of Finland’s best rivers for round-the-clock salmon fishing.





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