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Brand-new Arctic Fox -Igloo village is far from the light and noise pollution but still within easy reach



Last winter Tommi Hinno, the CEO of the Ranua Zoo, located in Southern Lapland, walked on the shore of Ranua lake in his snowshoes with his Asian business partner. A view over the wintery lake was stunning. Snowflakes fell down slowly and smoothly giving a magical glow to the trees and the sky had spread its beautiful star-blanket above the scenery. That one moment was enough to convince them both of one thing: This would be a perfect place for a new igloo village.

– There are quite a few igloos in Lapland, but none in such a beautiful lake area as this. Ranua järvi is perfectly untouched by the light and noise pollution, but is still located only four kilometers from the Ranua center and eight kilometers from the Ranua Zoo. Place is also unique in a sense that it offers an amazing holiday destination all year round, not only during the busiest winter season, Hinno addresses.

With “amazing all year round” Hinno refers to the spectacular landscape and surrounding nature, which have a potential to amaze the visitor in all four seasons. Through the large windows of the igloos, one can witness the nightless nights of mid-summer as well as the Polar nights of mid-winter with the sky full of stars and northern lights.

Compass and bed pointing towards North

First visitors have already experienced the magic of Arctic Fox -Igloo village. And it has not been only a handful of visitors. Already in the opening week the whole world was present: the visitor scale ranged all the way from Singapore to India, China and Britain.

– The popularity of igloos has been high in past few years. There is something mystical, exotic and romantic about the igloos, Hinno believes.

However, the popularity of the Arctic Fox igloos specifically stems not only from exoticism. Igloos represent the newest igloo model available in the markets. In terms of facilities, everything has been taken care of when it comes to the needs and hopes of the customers. In every igloo there is a small kitchen, floor heating, triple-glazed windows and of course, a Finnish gem to the world, sauna.

– Our igloos are beautiful, simple and natural. On top of that there is a compass on the floor in every igloo pointing North. Also the beds are looking towards the same direction. Especially for the travelers, who wish to see the Northern lights, it is important to know where the North is, Hinno notes.

The legend of the Arctic Fox

From sauna one can dip in the hole drilled in the ice of Ranua lake and afterwards take a husky-safari or a snow mobile –trip, or go snowshoe -walking for example. Dinner is served in a newly renovated main building the ceiling of which is filled with constellations, where animals play around just like a fire fox in a well-known Lappish legend. According to the legend, the northern lights are born as the fire fox running through the skies swings its tail. The constellations are painted by a Lapland-based artist Riitta Ahonen.

– The name of the igloo village, Arctic Fox, is inspired by that very legend. It is an ambiguous name, since it also refers to the Ranua Zoo, where we offer an “Arctic Fox experience” -package for our visitors as well, Hinno adds.

More information and booking: https://arcticfoxigloos.com/

Watch our video about the Arctic Fox Igloos

Arctic Fox Igloos | Ranua, Lapland, Finland | Showcase

Brand-new Arctic Fox -Igloo village in Ranua is far from the city light and noise pollution but still within easy reach – “This place offers an amazing holiday destination all year round”.

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