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Turkish Airlines’ direct flights from Istanbul to Rovaniemi begin in 5th of December 2019

The airplane in the picture is a Boeing 737. The Istanbul-Rovaniemi flight will be flown on an Airbus 321.

The first flight from Istanbul to Rovaniemi is flown on 5th of December 2019. Tickets will be available shortly. The route is flown three times a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Turkish Airlines is the first company to offer business-class flying to Rovaniemi.

Turkish Airlines’ direct flights from Istanbul to Rovaniemi have been confirmed for the winter season of 2019-2020. The new route is significant for two reasons: it’s the first longer direct flight to Lapland and Rovaniemi, and it’s the first route where you can fly in business class to Lapland. To the city of Rovaniemi this means easier reach ability for new traveler, as now you can connect the exclusive flights to the already exclusive trip.

Turkish Airlines’ flights to Rovaniemi are sold both as packages by tour operators as well as to individual traveler. Turkish Airlines’ flight network is encompassing on an international level. The route opened next year will connect Rovaniemi to 122 countries and 304 destinations.

“Using the Istanbul hub is a massive opportunity for Rovaniemi. On a three hour flying radius from Istanbul there are already 80 destinations to choose from”, says Sanna Kärkkäinen, CEO of Visit Rovaniemi.

“People arriving from the Middle East are drawn in by the Arctic Circle and the winter time spectacles: winter activities and natural phenomena as well as the traditional favorites Santa Claus, snow and reindeer. In addition the local food and culture interest them”, she continues.

Finavia, who operate the Rovaniemi Airport, comment on the new route in a satisfied way

“We at Finavia are very happy that the Turkish Airlines open up a significant route to Rovaniemi. Here we strongly believe in the growth of Lapland’s air traffic, and this new connection advances the accessibility and competitiveness of Lapland and Finland as a whole. One part of Lapland’s 55 million euro improvement program includes the expanding of the Rovaniemi Airport, which will be conveniently finished for the Christmas season of 2019 as well as for the new Istanbul connection”, says Jani Jolkkonen, the business director of Finavia.

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